Our Clients

This Programme is multi-sector dimensional and is designed for entrepreneurial leaders across a range of different sectors e.g. non-profit, business and government agencies.
Globally, entrepreneurial decision makers aspire to transform the approaches to problems in areas such as health, education, housing, media, poverty and agriculture. The African Forum Scotland Academy Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme is designed around the needs of successful entrepreneurial leaders and the challenges they face. Our programme is designed to help participants deliver their aspirational visions by helping them refine and improve their innovations and capitalise on their achieved impacts. Our programme targets Africans and others resident in the UK as well as English speaking Africans within their native lands.

Our programme reach has global potential through the on-line aspects of its delivery service which complements our off-line service delivery. Consequently, as this programme progresses, the ‘frontier reach’ will grow and expand to attain and deliver an international footprint of ongoing global learning and knowledge attainment.