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Diaspora engagement

Our Raison d’etre

If the percentage Scots ethnic populace sits around 5-7% then the respective workforces of all organisations and corporate employers should reflect generally similar percentages. In the real world, this is not the case. The actual equal opportunity employment percentages within Scottish organisations, fall far below the anticipated target levels. The shortfall is at best disappointing and at worst, often reflects badly on some employers. Ace Careers can help employers reach their Equal Opportunities employment aspirations and target levels, by helping them attain an improved ethnic diversity complement with their workforce.


The Ace Careers stable of talent

Ace Careers can supply a conveyor belt of talented, well mannered, intelligent Scots African employees who are coached by Ace Careers and properly prepared to fit each organisations/corporates employment requirements and business culture preferences. We currently have a talent pool of almost 600 candidates. This enables Employers to meet their employee target levels which support their declared status as Equal Opportunity employers. It also demonstrates that employers demonstrate their positive intent to fulfil their Corporate Responsibility commitments which rejects employment discrimination. This also enables organisations and corporates to demonstrate to their stakeholders and shareholders that they are champions of racial equality commitments as Equal Opportunity employers. The Ace Careers stable is constantly topped up by new candidates, school leavers and new Scottish diaspora immigrants.


Register your interest and support

Employers, whether Government, Local Authorities, Public Services, NGO’s or Private Sector companies can benefit by tapping into the Ace Careers talent pool of highly qualified and enterprising candidates. This resource provides a new source of potential employee resource to organisations. The African Scots diaspora remains tantalisingly below the radar of many employers and we are delighted to offer this refreshing pool of candidate resource.  Ace Careers have recently commenced placing Scots Africans with employers and the feedback is excellent.



Our Ace Careers team has successfully placed Scots African diaspora employees from our stable of registered candidates with such employers as The Wheatley Group, The National Library of Scotland and with Glasgow Life. Each employer has recorded their satisfaction in Ace Careers helping build their ‘employment inclusion’ programmes and for providing a vibrant new avenue of talented, highly qualified, dependable and motivated new employees


Ace Careers and our Clients

Ace Careers work very closely with our Clients.

Our Ace Careers Placement Team spends time with each prospective Client so as to become appraised of their organisational culture, their expectations and to become fully aware of their recruitment standards and required employee standards. We will accordingly identify candidates for Clients which suits their stringent organisational requirements.

Furthermore, Ace Careers will pre-train and coach our pool of Candidates in communication skills, appearance and dress, deportment, attitude and commitment standards so that they are better prepared to ‘hit the ground running’ and satisfactorily engage faster when joining Clients and quickly meet Clients’ expectations.

Engaging Ace Careers candidates, coached to each organisation’s standards will help reduce employers expensive ‘staff churn’ and by engaging with Ace Careers Candidate coaching and pre-employment preparation, Ace Careers will strive to become long term sustainable recruitment suppliers to all our Clients.


Ace Careers Terms and our Promise

We are pleased to offer our services at a modest 12% commission on annual Salary for positions up to £24000 per annum and 10% for placements earning above this interim ceiling.

However, we recognise that since our reach is global, we must tailor our Fee Arrangements to be flexible so as to suit geopolitical and individual sector contexts and situations in the UK, in Africa and internationally.

Should Clients ever be disappointed in any of our Ace Career placements, we will provide a suitable replacement at no charge to our Clients.


The Ace Careers Employment Footprint

Although primarily servicing Scotland and the UK, Ace Careers will also place candidates globally.  We will also work across the entire employment sector and cover both grass root employees and placements to service Executive posts. We will also source candidates from outwith English speaking Africa and place candidates to meet the requirements of Sub Saharan African clients.


Please contact Ace Careers today

Please call us now on 44 (0)141 440 2700 or access our website at and allow our Ace Careers Placement team to meet with you and learn of your recruitment requirements. This simple step will help establish our understanding of your organisational culture and HR aspirations and to take the first step in establishing an Ace Careers relationship with your organisation and establish long term successful corporate networking and positive employee engagement.