AFS is a Scottish/UK based company, a strategic umbrella platform specialising in the growth of African public and private sectors. This is achieved through our services such as –The Annual African Achievement Awards Scotland, The Centre For African Policy, Development and Research Scotland, AFS Business Academy, AFS Consulting and via our subsidiary companies-ABCi Media and through Next Step Initiative, our charitable arm.

Through these services, our subsidiary companies and strategic partners, we are able to provide cutting edge African Market Intelligence, market entry, trade missions, integrated capacity building supports through our consultancy, as well as providing investors/business match-making.

Through our AFS Business Academy and AFS Consulting, we are able to provide top edge industry focused and related business training and capacity building to businesses/organisations and or individuals, so as to facilitate their access, entry, success and operational excellence in different African Markets.

African Forum Scotland is founded by African Professionals with expertise, insight, experience and track records on both sides of the world.

The AFS Executive Team is made up of a mixture of eclectic thought technologists, business and entrepreneurial leaders and thinkers, and professionals with insight, knowledge, expertise, track records and experience cutting across multiple countries and multiple industry sectors globally.

These combined insight, expertise, knowledge and experiences of our team, supported by the experiences of our researchers, entrepreneurs, business executive leaders and thinkers and our local contacts/influence across the continent of Africa, provide us with a unique, competitive and privilege position, as we are able to facilitate with confidence the access and operation of our clients in these emerging African Markets.

AFS  focus on 19 African Countries; Sao Tome & Principe, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, South Sudan

Our Vision:

It is our dedicated commitment to help African nations and leaders go a step further and implement permanent transformation instead of short-term change. AFS firmly believe that Africa can solve its own problems. Africa has agricultural land, massive labour forces, neglected female potential and the natural resources to help address these daunting challenges. All that is required is the political will to ‘encourage and underpin’ Africans and help them gain innovative skills and knowledge. Thereafter, newly coached entrepreneurial understanding can be harnessed to already existing African resources and thus complement tried and tested techniques and local experience.


Mission Statement:

Developing trade to establish platforms of sustainable transformation, so as to improve the livelihoods and prospects of the disadvantaged.

AFS is dedicated to designing and delivering embedded and sustainable solutions to enable our clients, whether commercial, cultural or political, to prosper, grow and achieve their ambitions and aspirations. Our market is international and we are motivated throughout our commercial endeavours to improve the livelihoods and well-being of socially disadvantaged communities. Our core expertise and delivery is, however, primarily concentrated within the commercially exciting and dynamic Continent of Africa.

We are a ‘for profits’ entity, yet we constantly strive to grow our business through delivering ‘ethical’ solutions to help our clients achieve their aims. We are conscious, however, that delivering the best ‘ethical’ solution is always dependent on the existing and ever changing contexts of geopolitical, commercial and cultural environments in which we find ourselves. With this in mind, we will always deliver the best ethical solution we can design and deliver to satisfy our clients, while being sensitive to the environment, societal cultures and prevailing conditions. All our solutions are recursive and deliver transformation and not short term change, whatever the size of the challenge, sector or immediacy of all our client organisations.

We are committed to employing a significant portion of our staff from within the talented and well-educated Scots African Diaspora and resolve to educate, coach and employ them in our International development project teams in Scotland and abroad, as a corporate priority.

It is our overriding corporate intention to ‘listen to and learn from’ indigenous communities and then help educate and coach them in acquiring specific ‘technical and entrepreneurial skills’ so that they gain impactive insights to develop their current knowledge, become self-reliant and successfully manage their own futures and destinies