AFS is a Scottish/UK based company, part of AFS Group (Global Entrepreneurship) Ltd which is our Group’s overall strategic management, operational and investment vehicle. AFS specialises in the encouragement and support of growth in actively participating African public and private sectors within Scotland and in the UK and in Africa. This is achieved through introducing and implementing our sustainable delivery and services and facilities such as –The Annual African Achievement Awards Scotland, The Centre For African Policy, Development and Research Scotland, AFS Business Academy, AFS Consulting and via our AFS subsidiary companies based in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Angola, Zimbabwe and in France and Spain. Our primary operational activities are carried out by ACE Graduate Recruitment Ltd, ABCi media Ltd and Africa Global (Digital Services and Transactions Ltd. Through these designated facilitation companies and supported by our carefully selected private sector partners and consultants, we are able to provide cutting edge African Market Intelligence which enables us to deliver impactive product and delivery services. We help enable strong and innovative market entry and introduce meaningful and targeted trade missions as well as providing effective match-making for investors and facilitators. Through our AFS Business Academy and AFS Consulting, we are able to provide top edge industry focused and pertinent business training and capacity building to both businesses/organisations and/or individuals.

African Forum Scotland is founded and manned by Scots African professionals with expertise, insight, experience and track records on both sides of the world. The AFS Executive Team is made up of a mixture of eclectic thought technologists, business and entrepreneurial leaders and thinkers and professionals with insight, knowledge, expertise, track records and successful commercial experience which cuts across multiple countries and multiple industry sectors. This combination of strategic insight, expertise and knowledge, when aligned with the vast experiences of our team and supported by the talent of our researchers, entrepreneurs, business executive leaders and thinkers, underpinned by our front line local management and contacts, helps deliver successful and sustainable transformation firstly to our African diaspora and then throughout Sub Saharan Africa and beyond. Thus from our unique, competitive and privileged position, as we are able to facilitate with confidence, business access and operational success for both the AFS Group and our clients across an exciting range of established and emerging UK and African Markets.

Our Vision:

We are dedicated committed to help African nations and their leaders and decision makers go a step further and engage in and embrace permanent transformations instead of settling for short-term change. AFS firmly believes that Africa can solve its own problems. Africa has agricultural land, a massive labour force, hitherto untapped levels of female potential and an abundance of natural resources to help address many daunting and as yet unsolved challenges. All that is required is the political will to ‘encourage and underpin’ Africans themselves and help them gain innovative skills and knowledge to complement their latent talent and potential. Thereby, newly coached entrepreneurial understanding can be harnessed to already existing African resources and so complement tried and tested techniques and local experience to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

Mission Statement:

We will develop trade as the main means to establish platforms of sustainable transformation so as to improve the livelihoods and prospects of the disadvantaged. This is paramount to our strategy and the implementation of our delivery to achieve commercial success.

AFS is dedicated to designing and delivering embedded and sustainable solutions to enable our clients to gain insights, whether commercial, cultural or political, so as to help them prosper, grow and further their ambitions and aspirations. Our market is both domestic and international and we are motivated throughout our commercial endeavours to improve the livelihoods and well-being of socially disadvantaged communities. Our core expertise and delivery is, however, primarily concentrated within the commercially exciting and dynamic Continent of Africa.

We are a ‘for profits’ entity, yet we constantly strive to grow our business through delivering ‘ethical’ solutions which help our clients achieve their aims. We are conscious, however, that delivering the best ‘ethical’ solution is always dependent upon the existing and ever changing contexts of geopolitical, commercial and cultural environments in which we find ourselves. With this in mind, we will always deliver the best ethical solution we can design and deliver to satisfy our clients, while being sensitive to the environment, societal cultures and prevailing conditions. Whatever the size of the challenge, sector or immediacy our clients face, all our solutions are recursive and deliver transformation and not short term change.

We are committed to employing a significant portion of our staff from within the talented and well-educated Scots African Diaspora and as a corporate priority, resolve to educate, coach and employ them in our international development project teams in Scotland and abroad.

It is our overriding corporate intention to ‘listen to and learn from’ indigenous communities and then after due consideration, help educate and coach them in acquiring specific ‘technical and entrepreneurial skills’ so that they gain impactive insights which will help them develop their current knowledge, become self-reliant and successfully manage their own futures and destinies.

Corporate roles;

AFS Group (Global Entrepreneurship) Ltd

This company oversees and manages all our global operations and our connected companies and their respective initiatives. It determines our ethical approach to achieving both profit and growth. It also decides upon Group strategy, direction, allocation of resources and contractual implementation of contracts, product and services.

African Forum Scotland Ltd

AFS specialises in the encouragement and support of growth in actively participating African public and private sectors within Scotland and in the UK and in Africa. This is achieved through introducing and implementing our sustainable delivery and services and facilities such as – The Annual African Achievement Awards Scotland, The Centre For African Policy, Development and Research Scotland, the AFS Business Academy and especially our AFS Consulting and Contractual initiatives.

Through the proactive commercial nous and network of AFS, we have identified commercially gifted Executives in Sub Saharan Africa and beyond and have engaged their services allowing us to open up dynamic subsidiary company offices based in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Angola, Zimbabwe and in France and Spain.

ACE Graduate Recruitment Ltd

Designed to help talented Scots and UK diaspora graduates to find gainful employment within our wide range of clients including, Government, Local Authorities, Academia and especially the Private Sector, this company is strategically placed and marketed to being readily recognised as the preferred means for graduates to enjoy successful quality employment and the merited rewards of dynamic, sustainable careers. It is positioned to provide Employers with a ready flow of qualified graduates and help them achieve their commitments to be recognised as Equal Opportunity employers with a strong presence of minority ethnicity engagement. In Africa, this company is branded as ACE Careers and as well as providing graduate placement services, provides the additional services of comprehensive Corporate Training of employees and individual CV preparation including Interview Techniques and the coaching of personal presentation skills.

ABCi media Ltd

This is our media arm and operates from our broadcasting hub in Glasgow, Scotland where our radio and television studios are based. We currently broadcast on a 24/7 basis to around 30 million English speaking listeners and viewers in the UK, In Europe, in the Americas and of course in Africa. As well as providing an educational, information and news service, this facility offers the African diaspora, African politicians, decision makers and business leaders a platform to deliver their key messages and is designed to encourage positive reaction and debate.

Our multifaceted radio division, operating as ‘Radio Kilimanjaro’ also offers commercial services to Governments, NGO’s and Private Sector businesses who wish to promote their products, services and promulgate their public messages. Our in-house production team creates ad-promo’s and commercial jingles to successfully complement our clients marketing messages.

African Global (Digital Services and Transactions) Ltd

This company provides an economically viable and secure facility to enable diaspora remittance funding to safely reach their relatives throughout Africa and beyond. It is also designed to provide a voucher service so that recipients can securely redeem their vouchers for goods and services without the financial intervention of deductions made by opportune local agents.

This internationally approved service operates under full international anti-fraud regulations and is financially secured to comply with full global regulation and best practice standards.

This software and facilities of this globally proven and established IT regulated service is also offered for transactional activities and exchanges within African commercial circles and beyond. The robustness and dependability of this service means that it has already been commissioned and engaged within leading financial institutions in Africa, where it has replaced previously fragile domestic IT facilities and programmes.