Welcome to the African Forum Centre for Policy (AFSCfPRD) Scotland.

This is an African-led economic and policy think tank based in Scotland with a mission is to facilitate the creation, translation, and utilization of research evidence for policy formulation and resource allocation in Africa.

The AFSCfPRD has a unique intellectual power-base consisting of an expanding network of 27 doctoral researches, 13 captains of industries, management consultants, policy development experts and implementation monitoring and evaluation experts.

We are proud to parade these finest minds of next generation African leaders to engage in innovative policy-oriented research and training on crucial development issues in order to shape Africa and Africa’s relationship to the rest of the world.

Our Center partners extensively and actively collaborates with a consortium of academic and professional bodies on multi-disciplinary active research agenda in the areas of Globalization, International Political Economy, Economic Policy Alternatives, Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability and International Trade relations.
We regularly publishes Africa Development Viewpoints (ADV), which draw on background research of members. These viewpoints are designed to spark critical thinking, discussion and debate on policy-relevant advances in research on major development issues.

Capacity building is one of our core interests. To this end, we have established some operating arms for the purpose of training, support, networking and dissemination services to the African and BME communities in Scotland. Please click here to learn more about our incubation and resource centers.

We are happy to welcome aspiring fellows to the center. Our fellowship program recognizes and admits individuals with distinctive achievements and contributions in their chosen fields. Fellows are actively engaged in the research and development programs of the Center. We induct new fellows once in every two years.

We believe that the greatest of the forces are the intangible ones: gravity, faith, love to mention but a few. Our aim is to use the intangible force of Knowledge to create the needed change in Africa